• Conidia dimensions: 12-47 x 4-10 microns. It is found on the leaves of tomatoes.
  • Aw 0.88. Conidia dimensions: 5-23 x 3-8 microns. It is found on dead plants, woody plants, food, straw, soil, paint...
  • Can cause a chronic inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa (entomophthoromycosis).
  • A basidiomycetous encapsulated fungal organism found worldwide, mainly around pigeon roosts and soil contaminated with decaying pigeon or chicken droppings....
  • Conidia dimensions: 4-6.5 x 3.5-4 microns. Found on the bark of maple and sycamore trees and on stored logs.
  • Can cause disseminated and pulmonary infections in immune compromised hosts.
  • Reported to be allergenic and has been associated with allergic fungal sinusitis. It may cause corneal infections, mycetoma, and infections...

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