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Not Your Average Mold Inspection Service

If your house has mold, Check For Mold will find it. Estimates are that 40% of homes show signs of reduced indoor air quality which is often due to mold.

Your home could be making you sneeze, cough or have itchy eyes. Mold in your home can even lead to asthma attacks and lung problems.

Itís impossible to tell what kind of mold you have just by looking at it, and a home can have mold even if you canít see it.

Check For Mold in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego County) offers a complete home mold inspection that will assess your home for mold and moisture intrusion. We often find mold in areas that our clients don't suspect.

Call Check For Mold today to schedule your home mold inspection in Southern California. We service, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside. We are never more than 90 minutes away. Once we inspect your home, youíll receive your inspection reports and samples within 24 hours.

  • Our inspectors are certified, professional and honest. They will serve you with the integrity and excellence you deserve.
  • Check For Mold uses an AIHA-accredited lab for mold testing.
  • We do not profit from finding mold in your home, because we don't perform mold remediation.

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Our Customers Say it Best!

Check for Mold Goes the Extra Mile!

"I have been managing property in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and have been using the services for Check for Mold since 2010. During that time I have found their services to be professional, timely, effective, and consistently first quality. They go the "extra mile" to provide excellent service.We use their services exclusively for mold testing issues." 

James M. Udall Managing Agent, James M. Udall Inc. Calabasas, CA

"We've been referring Geric and Check For Mold to our clients for almost a decade. Mold is such a scary, four-letter word to many people so it is so important to have an expert who is not only knowledgeable but trustworthy. Luckily, mold has not been an everyday occurrence in our real estate transactions. But the several times it has come up over the years, I am confident that when our clients call Geric and Check For Mold in to evaluate and suggest next steps, it is consistently dependable, accurate, and truthful. Geric and Check For Mold will continue to be our reliable go-to mold expert."

Pete Castro Keller Williams West Los Angeles, CA

Our worst nightmare - water damage and mold - occurred in our dream home about three weeks ago. My husband pulled off the baseboard in our master bedroom after using a moisture meter and discovered black mold. I did a quick search on mold and then another for a mold pro near Rancho Cucamonga. I selected "Check for Mold" and phoned at 4:30pm - hoping against hope that an inspector could come out asap! Geric answered my call and rearranged his schedule so that he could come to our home by 5:30pm! He was prompt, professional, and compassionate - while never encouraging fear. Geric spent some time with my husband and me explaining the process of mold testing, and remediation - if necessary. We received the report by 9am the following morning! Toxic mold. Geric then recommended a remediation company when we asked him "what do we do now???" After remediation, Geric returned to take samples for retesting. He phoned us with the lab results the next day and sent the report the following day. Thank God, the report showed that we were free of toxic mold. Geric was truly our hero in guiding us through this dangerous event.

Gary & Kathy S. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Geric was incredibly kind and helpful, he helped us understand such a complex issue. He went above and beyond to help us. Even calling us on his day off!

Jo D. Ladera Ranch, CA

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Mold is a common indoor contaminant, and many things in our environment contribute to mold growth. New construction, energy-efficient homes are conducive to mold growth, because of a lack of air circulation. The temperatures and humidity in the Southern California environment are ideal for mold growth. All homes have dust, dirt and moisture, no matter how clean they are, and this is what mold feeds on. 

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We have established a long relationship of trust with Real Estate Professionals and Property Managers for home mold inspection in Southern California -- Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego County. Our services have assisted thousands in escrow transactions, property management and property maintenance & repair. 

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Check for Mold in Southern California offers a variety of mold inspection and mold testing services designed to fit your needs. We have conducted thousands of inspections and testing protocols on every type of property, and every type of situation. 

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