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Consultation and Fees

Consultation and Fees

Consultation and Fees

The Inspection Process

On your Initial Contact, you will speak with a courteous professional mold inspector about your particular situation.Once your questions and concerns are addressed, an appointment, if necessary, to visit your property will be scheduled.

Inspection Engagement

One of our mold inspection experts will arrive at your property promptly at the scheduled appointment time. Inspection and sampling agreements will be reviewed and signed and key issues and concerns will be discussed prior to beginning the inspection. Once the visit is finished, a full detailed analysis with pictures will be provided to you within 24 hours if no samples were taken. If samples were taken, they will be rushed to the lab, and as soon as the test results are available you will receive a copy. We pride ourselves in getting the report to you as soon as possible.

What We Do during the Inspection?

Field technicians are trained for the most current mold procedural sampling protocols, professionalism, and meet all requirements for Certified Mold Inspectors. We visually survey the structure's interior (and crawl space/attic space), including possible water intrusion points; non-invasive moisture content measurements. We take air/swab/fragment sampling only at your request. The number of samples we take is controlled by you. We photograph specimen sources and attach them to a “Chain of Custody” document, meeting legal standards for evidence. We furnish you with a comprehensive report: laboratory findings interpreted; mold genera identified (including those that are potentially toxic); recommendations for remedying any mold colonization, if needed. We have competitive priced mold assessments and let you know exactly how much our service will be. We service all building types (owned or rented) at reasonable rates: single or multiple-family homes/mansions; apartments/complexes; office/municipal buildings.

How much does mold testing cost?

We have a flat rate fee of $220.00 for residential properties and commercial properties up to 2000 square feet. Larger properties are calculated at 12 cents per square foot. All mold samples are $90. Mold testing via surface sample: $90 per sample identifies what types of mold are found on a surface, However, it does not quantify specific amounts or establish what molds are in the air. Mold testing via Air sample: $90 per sample identifies what types of mold spores are in the air and quantifies the amounts of each type.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-877-470-MOLD (1-877-470-6653).
We are here to help.

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